Leveraging on a well-developed public transportation network, the bus stops located a stone's throw away from the property connect guests to the rest of what Kyoto City has to offer

A) When Travelling to Komatsu South from Kyoto Station by Public Bus ( 京都市バス)
**If you are taking a bus from the town centre, please refer to next section

Shimaya Stays Komatsu South on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/xr1F6p4kHCp

If you are taking a bus from Kyoto Station to Komatsu South, board City Bus 206 at the bus terminal that lies just outside the JR Central Entrance.  The boarding point for Bus 206 in the bus terminal is stop D2.

Take care to catch the 206 headed to Gion (祇園) via Kiyomizu-dera Temple (清水寺) (206 on anti-clockwise route) and NOT the 206 on clockwise route that goes via Daitokuji Temple.

Alight at the 8th stop - Kiyomizu-michi(清水道 ).  Look out for the signboard that says 京都銀行(Bank of Kyoto).

Head towards the京都銀行signwalk on and then turn into the first lane on your left. (Note: the bus stop in the photo above is no longer in use.)

Follow the road as it turns left.  

When the road forks, take the lane on your right. Follow this lane as it turns the corner; Komatsu South will be on your left.


B) When travelling to Komatsu Residences from the town centre (Nijo, Sanjo, Shijo, etc.) by Public Bus (京都市バス)

Alight at the Kiyomizu-michi stop(清水道), also known as the Kiyomizu-dera stop (清水寺).  Cross the road and head to the Higashiyama branch of the Bank of Kyoto (京都銀行).

Right after you pass under the 京都銀行 (Bank of Kyoto) signboard, turn left into the lane shown below.

Follow the road as it winds left…

…and then right.   Follow the lane – and you are at Komatsu Residences.


C) When travelling from Komatsu Residences by Public Bus (京都市バス) for Sightseeing

Make a right turn as you leave Komatsu Residences then go left (shown in photo) when the road forks.

At the end of the lane, turn right and head to bus stop below if you’re planning to go to Gion, the Shijo Keihan train station, the Chion-ji (site of a famous flea market held on the 15th of every month) and Chion-in temples, or the Shijo-Kawaramachi junction in the centre of town, where many shops and restaurants are located.

If you would like to head to Kyoto Station or other destinations in the south of the city, cross the main road, Higashi Oji Dori, and make your way to the Kiyomizu-dera bus stop, also known as the Kiyomizu-michi bus stop. Buses leaving from here go to Kyoto Station, the Tofuku-ji and Sanjusangen-do temples, and the Kyoto National and Kyoto Railway museums.