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Handcrafted Kyoto Machiya in Historic Gion District

Komatsu Residences - Luxury Kyoto Townhouse

The Shimaya Stays Collection

Slip into the warmth found only in a home of wood, paper and earth when you stay with us. Our Kyo-machiya – Kyoto townhouses – combine the best of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern comfort and innovative design.

 Offering the amenities and housekeeping services of a boutique hotel, Komatsu South is the first phase of the Komatsu Residences. These two developments are located on neighbouring plots about 5 minutes on foot from Kennin-ji, considered the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto.

 Under the direction of Asami Architect and Associates, Komatsu South was realised by the craftsmen of Tsuji Komuten, a construction company with a history that goes back three generations. The company takes on only jobs involving wooden buildings: a testament to its commitment to traditional architecture.

 Shimaya Stays has been working with Tsuji-san’s craftsmen from its first project. Komatsu South, our third collaboration, aims to contribute to machiya design by the creation of communal spaces. The open-air chashitsu (tearoom) on the roof deck enables guests to experience traditional Japanese culture such as the Way of Tea and Noh in a private setting.  

 Apart from organising cultural experiences for guests, Shimaya Stays also creates bespoke travel plans through its eConcierge service. Restaurant bookings, help with transport arrangements and sightseeing recommendations are all part of the package.

 Shimaya Stays seeks to redefine the standards for Kyoto holiday accommodation with its unique combination of handcrafted properties and individualized eConcierge services.

 Let us show you Kyoto as a friend would: Be at Home with Shimaya.     


**ShimayaStays is compliant with the Covid-19 guidelines issued by the Japanese government.**

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