While the desire to see the world remains as strong as ever, travel during a pandemic naturally raises new concerns.

 We at Shimaya Stays believe that our serviced accommodation townhouses can offer peace of mind in these times, having been designed from the start to create privacy by directing  guests away from crowded spaces and other groups. 

 Here’s a look at these design features as well as the additional safety precautions we have taken.


Check-in and check-out

Both check-in and check-out are conducted in the security of guests’ accommodations rather than at a general reception area. Staff are present at these times but they are not stationed on-site, adding to privacy. Guests who require assistance during their stay can easily reach our staff over the phone or by text messaging and e-mail.

 We seek the cooperation and understanding of guests regarding temperature checks on arrival. If a guest is found to have a temperature higher than 37.5 deg C, our staff will, with the guest’s consent, contact the local health authorities. 

 Hand sanitizers are readily available on the premises and disposable masks will be provided on request.



Three of our machiya are standalone units, with another townhouse divided into 4 apartments. This reduces the need to share facilities such as lifts as well as the chances of coming into contact with other guests.

 All our machiya units have independent air-conditioning systems.


Each unit is fitted with a fully-equipped kitchenette. Guests who feel uncomfortable about dining out can easily prepare their own meals or heat up takeout bento boxes.  We would be happy to help arrange for food deliveries.



In addition to the regular cleaning procedures, disinfection of communal and private spaces is conducted regularly, with particular attention paid to restrooms, bathrooms and objects and surfaces which are touched often such as:

-          Door lock keypads

-          Table tops

-          Handles of doors, wardrobes and refrigerators

-          Microwave handle and buttons

-          Switches

-          Remote controls.


 Cutlery and crockery are cleaned after use with an alcohol disinfectant. In addition, rooms are thoroughly ventilated before guests arrive and after they leave.


All staff wear masks when on guest premises. Hospitality staff are also required to check and record their temperature before reporting for work.