Step into our other homes, the BenTen Residences and the Lounge at West Kujo.

 A pair of townhouses that dates back more than 100 years, the BenTen Residences were painstakingly restored to showcase the beauty of the traditional wooden townhouse. But these 2-storey machiya also offer convenience and comfort to a modern traveller through such features as heated flooring, wi-fi and a fully-equipped kitchenette.  

 The BenTen Residences are located in the scenic Higashiyama district, popular for its old-world townscapes and historic temples.

 Marking the second phase of the Shimaya Stays Collection, the Lounge at West Kujo serves a dual function: as a check-in and luggage storage facility for guests staying at other Shimaya homes and as serviced accommodation for longer rentals.

 This restored machiya’s proximity to Kyoto Station makes it a convenient base for exploring the city as well as other parts of Japan.